Asphalt Repair Before It Becomes Asphalt Replace!

Asphalt Crack Sealing & Patching

Your parking lot is among the first things your customers, tenants, or guests visiting will notice, and most people don’t recognize that this dull asphalt area is in fact your first impression. Maintaining your parking lot in outstanding condition indicates that the property owner is responsible and accountable with consistent maintenance, code requirements, and security for both the drivers and the pedestrians on the property.

It’s also equally important to remember that little cracks and pot holes on your asphalt can quickly turn into much bigger problems if they’re not dealt with quickly. At Safeguard Sealcoating, we constantly stress the need for preventative asphalt maintenance which is the very best possible service from beginning to end. Not just for the original asphalt repair project, but also the ongoing asphalt repair and maintenance that is required to make sure that what might be a simple asphalt patch or crack sealing repair doesn’t become a complete asphalt paving overhaul.

Safeguard Sealcoating Approach to Your Paving Project

Safeguard Sealcoating asphalt repair services has the crews, reliable equipment, and expertise to perform any asphalt repair job. From simple processes like pot hole fixes or asphalt patching repairs, to the complicated and involved paving procedures like complete asphalt and petro mat fabric overlays. Safeguard Sealcoating always uses state of the art equipment along with the best products our industry has to offer. Our paving crews understand that short cuts are never to be taken on any project, following best practices is how we built our reputation for so many years.

A Wise Choice for Your Asphalt Repair Project

At Safeguard Sealcoating our guarantee to you is straightforward. We offer the best value on each asphalt repair we step foot on, and are proudly going to give you everything that we’re contracted to do. We stand behind every one of our projects, and take responsibility if a mistake has been made. We do not ask you to take our word for it because it is self-explanatory and verifiable information; Whether it’s customer testimonials, among our many positive online reviews, or the trust we have earned from some of the biggest names in the property management market.

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Preventative Asphalt Maintenance Saves You Cash

When cracks begin to appear in your parking lot that they need to be sealed fast. Think of your parking lot just like your health. When you start feeling sick for any reason, you quickly want to diagnose and treat the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise you might face costly doctor bills or even worse. Asphalt is the exact same way in that cracks lead to bigger and more expensive repairs. The good thing is that asphalt crack sealing is an inexpensive repair that can be performed year round. It works simply by keeping water from the area between your asphalt along with the dirt it sits on. The lifespan of the pavement by preventing additional water erosion which seeps to the asphalt. Crack sealing may also lower the chance for trip hazards and other accountability issues occurring. Lastly, asphalt crack sealing helps property owners and managers buy time between the more expensive repairs that are needed.

Understating the Cause of Your Cracks

There are a lot of reason’s your asphalt will crack but the main suspects are sun and water. The sun’s ultra violet rays are always beating down on your pavement, drying it out, and causing it to become more brittle. The water that comes from weather or irrigation runoff seeps into those newly formed cracks, and starts the erosion process that eventually becomes the pothole. Cracks can come from many other sources as well. Earth movement, heavy traffic loads, or poor construction design and repairs. The main type of cracks found in parking lots include fatigue cracks, reflective cracks, and block cracks.

Hot Vs. Cold Pour Crack Repair

Not all crack repair products will be the same. Hot pour crack sealants are considered by many to be superior to cold pour sealants. Safeguard Sealcoating believes this to be true according to our own adventures as well. Hot pour substances are designed for cracks up to 3/4″ (three quarters of an inch) typically seen in parking lots. Bigger cracks up to 1″ can still be sealed via this method to prevent costlier future repairs, however the products typically are not made to stand-up to these kinds of cracks and voids. In those cases we would urge asphalt restoration.

Our Asphalt Crack Sealing Application Process

Safeguard Sealcoating crack sealing process follows industry best practices, this procedure has been tested and proven time and time again. Its functionality is dependable and outstanding even in Chicago’s toughest conditions. Hot-pour sealants should be used on driveways with many cracks in addition to high-traffic roadways and commercial parking lots. Hot asphalt crack sealants are the ideal option for a quality long lasting fixes.

Parking lots, driveways, and roadways which are sealed using a hot applied rubberized crack sealant can be reopened to traffic as soon as the material is cool. Depending on outside temperatures, this can be as fast as 20 to 25 minutes after sealing the cracks. The more time the crack seal material is given to dry the better odds lifting will not occur. We recommend staying off the treated area for 2 days but we understand that this isn’t always possible for a parking lot in Chicago IL & Surrounding Suburbs.


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