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Catch Basin Services

Storm basins (or catch basins) are mainly used to accumulate pavement runoff and acts as a junction for a storm drain system. They’re built with a sump below the pipe invert. The sump collects sediment and debris entering the catch basin through the grate inlet. The material is typically removed by hand or by using a vactor excavator truck.


Storm Repair & Basin Adjustment

To ensure proper pitch for drainage, storm basins at times have to be adjusted.

Catch Basin Adjustment/Repair

  • Safeguard Sealcoating Process

Once the asphalt perimeter of a storm basin has been removed. The foundation is excavated as deep as is necessary to perform the adjustment.

We will then furnish and install the essential size frame or modification rings to reset level(s) for appropriate drainage. The excavated area(s) will then be backfilled and leveled with hot asphalt mixture which will subsequently be compacted with heavy tonnage pliers to make a smooth coating.

Storm Basin Drainage | Catch Basin Installation Chicago IL

Storm Basin Installation

Sometimes, there is limited or no drainage in a parking lot. Storm basin installation can be a possible solution in these scenarios. When there is a place to tie in the drain pipes, or a place to allow the water to run away, then a storm basin can be installed in the commercial lot.

Catch Basin Replacement

  • Safeguard Sealcoating Process

The planned area is excavated as necessary along with a new concrete superstructure is set up.

All utilities will be properly positioned before excavation. Compaction and visual appeal. We will excavate the existing decayed block or pre-cast concrete catch basin, and properly dispose of all materials in a legal dumping site. A catch basin with adjustment rings will be installed and connected to the existing drainage lines. The existing cast iron lid and frame is going to be reinstalled on the new basin and reset elevation for proper drainage. The excavated area(s) will be backfilled with crushed aggregate, leveled, and compacted. We’ll then supply and install hot asphalt mixture which will be compacted and rolled to match existing grade.


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